Monday, July 22, 2013

Computer Blue ...

I had a rather liberating idea around 2 a.m. ... nobody reads this.  I can write what I want!   I post a lot of stuff without using real names or details ... but I need to write a little more on something that requires details.

Yesterday was super awesome ... but ... I need a re-do. 

What was the wonderful news I mentioned in last night's post?  Stoney gave me a key.  Why do I want a do over?  Because I was so surprised that my first reaction was just to stand there and stare at it.   I mean ... time stood still ... while I just looked at it. 

It isn't that I wasn't happy ... oh no, trust me ... happy is the understatement of the millennium.  It's that my brain was having a hard time making the connection.  In computer terms?  My hard drive froze.  Here is an idea of the internal dialog I had at that moment:
Key?  That's a key right?  A key to ... no.  What?  That's a key.  He's giving me a key?  Don't assume ... but ... what other key would he give me?  It looks like a house key.  But ... wait.  What?  Holy crap ... that's a key.
When the shock wore off a little, I was hugging him and giving him little kisses all over his face and he said, "Now that's the kind of response I was expecting." 

So I've thought about it ... I want a do over.

I want to go back and time and fix that moment for him ... so I can squeal ... and kiss him ... and tell him I love him. Cause trust me ... that is what was going on in my head while the screen was rebooting.

Till I find the righteous one
Computer blue
Till I find the righteous one
Computer blue

Prince -  Computer Blue

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