Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Can't Unhear It ...

So I've told everybody before about how I love listening to Hollywood Babble On.  I've begged people to try listening to the show at least once.  But today, for the first time ... for a split second ... I considered turning it off and never looking back.

I listen to the new shows each week when they're released.  But since I liked the show so much, I went back to the beginning and started working my way through the archives.  I'm up to episode 35 ... which sounds good until you realize this week's was episode 132.  Yes ... I have a lot of catching up to do.

In any case ... in episode 35, Ralph casually mentioned the story of Kevin's first blow job.  Okay ... now let's be clear on this ... I'm not a prude.  We can talk about blow jobs all day long.  We can have a blow job symposium if you'd like ... complete with pictures and flow charts and tips and tricks.  However, I wasn't expecting to hear the story of Kevin blowing himself.

I didn't even think that was possible.  I mean ... is this a thing with young boys?!  Sure, I've heard jokes before but ... I mean ... you'd have to be insanely flexible to put your own penis in your mouth.  I wasn't offended ... but ... damn, seriously?!  That can't be true, right?  I was so shocked that I was driving down North Grand with my hand over my mouth and my eyes as big as platters.

I'm not going to go into details about how Kevin gave himself head ... quite frankly if you're curious, go here and listen to him tell the story.  It's just ... it's not true, right?  Boys don't really do that, do they?  I know I could Google it and solve this mystery ... but I don't want to see the results.  Hell, I'm already going to have to sleep tonight with the mental image of Kevin felatiating himself.

I mean ... I'm cool with whatever but ... that's not true, right?  Right??

It's like connecting the dots
Start at the bottom, lick to the top
She goes down
She goes down
She goes down
Down, down, down

Motley Crue - She Goes Down


  1. In addition to flexibility, I can imagine a man would have to be pretty well endowed to pull that off...lol!

  2. It really IS a man's world! We sure as hell don't have that option ... no matter HOW flexible we are! Lucky BASTARDS!

  3. Anonymous4:52 PM

    At least he didn't break his neck.

  4. Dante: I could never reach.
    Randal: Reach what?
    Dante: You know.
    Randal: What? Your dick?
    Dante: Yeah. Like you said, I guess everybody gets curious and tries it sometime.
    Randal: I never tried it. Fuckin' pervert.