Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday Five: High School Music

I've not only missed one Friday 5 ... I've missed two.  Stoney reminded me of the meme today or I might've been three behind before I realized my mistake.  I'd like to catch up on both of the topics ... but I'm ridiculously tired and my muscles are quivery ... so I'm taking a hot shower and going straight back to bed.  Hooray for weekends!

The Friday 5 

1.  What song, album, or artist, disliked by you in high school, now sounds pretty good? - If I had to come up with a name, I'd guess U2.  It's not that I disliked U2 ... they just weren't really my thing.  Listening to them now, I realize they were really good.  Probably too good for my teenage sensibilities, honestly.  If they'd teased their hair and sang, "Wanted Dead or Alive," I would've dedicated most of my puberty to them.

2.  What specific high-school memory do you have of discovering some song, album, or artist you  considered old? - One evening during my senior year, I was at play practice when a storm came through. It got pretty intense and the tornado sirens went off.  The drama teacher ushered us into the hall and had us sit on the floor along the lockers.  (Why she didn't take us to the basement is a question to be answered another day.)  In any case, we sat there and the lights went out and some of the girls started crying.  My best friend and I sat there ... and we started singing.  "I wanna know ... have you eeeevvvver seeeeeen the rain ..." and within a minute or so, the entire hallway was filled with teenagers singing Credence.  I wasn't a CCR fan.  They were before my time.  But in the middle of the storm, that song brought us all together.  I still think of it when it rains.

3.  What song or album best serves as the soundtrack for your senior year of high school? (bonus challenge: answer this question with a different song or album for each year of high school!) - Easy Peasy!  Freshman Year - Songs From the Big Chair by Tears for Fears.  Everybody Wants To Rule the World was the soundtrack of that year.  Sophomore Year - Boys of Summer by Don Henley.  My cousin's class had to sell music for his senior trip ... and I bought this album from him.  The entire thing is awesome ... but that single also echos with me.  Junior Year - Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi.  Now ... I'm not gonna lie.  The whole double entendre of "slippery when wet" was completely lost on me.  But that big hair of his wasn't.  I had a thing for Jon.  Senior Year - Purple Rain by Prince.  My brother snuck me in to see this movie even though it was Rated R.  Last cool thing he ever did.

4.  What’s a song, album, or artist from your high-school years you loved then (and might still love) but have great difficulty listening to now, and what’s the reason? -  I have trouble to listening to Led Zeppelin ... simply because I listened to them so much my senior year that I'm burned out on just about all of it.  For some reason I got Rock and Roll and Misty Mountain Hop stuck on a loop in 1986 and now ... it makes me cringe.

5.  What song, album, or artist from your high-school years, seemingly forgotten nowadays, do you still listen to with fondness? - Hmmm ... Hysteria ... or Kick ... or Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me.  I was really into music back in the day ... although more singles than complete albums.  I look back on all that bubble gum pop and, even if it doesn't have staying power, there are a lot of good memories.  Talking Heads and Genesis and the Smiths and R.E.M. and Ratt and Queen.  What can I say ... my taste was weird and eclectic.

Josie's on a vacation far away
Come around and talk it over
So many things that I wanna say
You know I like my girls a little bit older
I just wanna use your love tonight
I don't wanna lose your love tonight

Outfield - Your Love

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