Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Bits and Pieces for Wednesday ...

I spent the majority of today up at the hospital.  My uncle was having hip replacement surgery so Mom and I saw with my Aunt and kept her company.   We were at Memorial ... thank God.  I don't know if I could've gone to St. John's.

Dad had his heart attack on September 18, 2004 ... and he died on June 13, 2005.  During those nine months, he was up at Memorial more times than I can count ... sometimes he was there for weeks at a time.  It got to the point that I knew that hospital like the back of my hand.  I knew the cafeteria schedule.  I knew the various parking lots and I knew which doors were open depending on the time of day.

The downside was that I spent so much time in Cardiac ICU that I almost developed an aversion to the whole hospital.  I would practically flinch when I drove past it ... thinking of all the drama and heartbreak and catastrophe that was associated with his stays.  I guess it's been long enough that the pain of all that has faded.  Now I dread the idea of walking into St. John's ... and Memorial ... well, Memorial just feels like home. 

My uncle is doing fine ... he's in good spirits and was already having a Popsicle when we left.  The rest of the afternoon was a big ol' bucket of win.  I had a spontaneous dinner with Stoney tonight ... and I got to spend the evening hanging out with him, debating what song is "our song," and watching Jimmy Fallon clips.  I need a hot shower and a set of fresh, soft pj's ... but all in all ... it's been a pretty fine day.

PS ... My vote for "our song" is below.  Common now ... you can't get much more romantic than Slaughter!

Cause now you've to fly
Fly to the angels
Heaven awaits your heart
And flowers bloom in your name
You've got to fly
Fly to the angels
All the stars in the night
Shine in your name

Slaughter - Fly To The Angels

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