Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Five: Let's Get Personal (Or Not)

Ever have that feeling that you're forgetting something?  I've had this nagging suspicion all day that I'm not doing something that I'm supposed to be doing.  Sure ... it could be because I took today off so I could have a four day weekend.  But I don't know.   I thought I had something planned for almost every weekend this month.  But I'm looking at my calendar and it's empty.  So ... yay me?  Or ... if not yay me, let's hope I remember soon ... before I get the dreaded "Where are you?" call.   

The Friday 5 

1.  What are you on? - At the moment ... I'm on a sweet combination of cream soda and sappy romantic comedies.  Thanks for that, Stoney.  The rom-coms I mean ... not the cream soda.  The soda is on me.  The Notebook and the empty box of Kleenex?  That's on him.

2.  What are you hiding? - Me?  Hide something?  Of course not.  But if I was hiding something ... and if I put it here ... I wouldn't be hiding it very well, would it?  At the moment, I'm hiding two Christmas presents.  I bought them so I could plan ahead for the holidays ... now I'm looking for a good excuse to give them early.  Not even a good excuse.  Any excuse, really.  Totally Inappropriate Game Night?  That sounds like a perfect excuse, doesn't it?

3.  Who gets it when you go? - Wow ... morose much?  It doesn't matter ... I'm far too poor for anyone to fight over what I leave when I go.  What?  You want a hundred year old house with peeling aluminum siding and a detached single car garage that is inhabited by Aragog and his offspring?  Have at it.  Be sure to have your yard man spray for weeds ... every spring it's like recreating Jonestown over here.  But hey ... if this is your idea of paradise?  Buona fortuna!

4.  What’s in your wallet? - My collection of fortune cookie fortunes.  My collection of ticket stubs from movies and concerts.  A few dollars ... probably less than ten at the moment.  A couple of receipts that I haven't put into Quicken yet.  A stupid amount of change that I need to dump into my change jar.  A few necessary cards ... driver's license and debit card.  A few unnecessary cards ... my Stub's card and my Walgreens card.  A handful of pictures ... two of which are Stoney's baby pictures.  My wallet is embarrassingly uninteresting ...

5.  What do you waste? - Food.  I'm horrible at wasting food.  What goes on in my fridge is a crime against humanity.  First off, there's the left-over issue.  I tell myself, "Stoney's busy tonight ... and I'm going to order this pizza and I'll have lunches and dinners for next three days!"  I have a slice for breakfast the next morning ... maybe one for lunch.  And from that moment on, the idea of eating one more piece of that pizza is too much to bear.  Aside from that little problem?  I have a nasty habit of buying something with all intentions of cooking it ... only to forget about it ... or lose the craving altogether.  It's that "cooking for one person" issue again.  When it wasn't just me, I cooked whatever I had.  Now?  I have thrown away a shameful amount of one-pound packages of hamburger ... a random chicken breast or three ... a pork chop here or there.  It's an issue ... I'm working on it.

My head keeps spinning
I go to sleep and keep grinning
If this is just the beginning
My life is gonna be beautiful
I've sunshine enough to spread
It's like the fella said
Tell me quick ain't love a kick in the head

Dean Martin - Ain't That a Kick In The Head

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