Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Six #489

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everybody!  Great news!  I found out this morning that Stoney got us tickets to see Jason Isbell in October.  I hadn't even heard he would be coming near here ... best surprise ever!  Thanks, sweets!

My best friend's husband is going on a blind date tonight.  He's meeting yet another girl from a dating site.  The first girl they matched him with had 8 cats.  This one has three kids.  I'm not sure who he'll meet next ... an Ebola patient?  A female hobo living in a refrigerator box by the overpass?  

I'm kind of in a bad spot.  I wasn't overly-supportive of his enthusiastic affection for the crazy cat woman.  I have to at least try to be supportive of this one.  If I don't, he'll eventually think, "She's not going to like anyone!" ... which, to be brutally honest, has a hint of truth to it.  I'm going to suck it up with this one.  Who knows?  Maybe she'll be nice?  Maybe he will enjoy having an instant family ...

Saturday Six

1. You want a nice sit-down dinner you know you’ll enjoy at a restaurant and you’re alone: which local restaurant are you likely to choose?  - The one thing I don't usually do alone is go to restaurants. I've seen movies alone.  I shop alone all the time.  But going to a restaurant?  It seems easier to just get something to go.  Having said that ... and I realize this is a chain and not a local restaurant ... but I'd pick Buffalo Wild Wings.  Why?  There are televisions everywhere ... and game consoles in each booth.  I'd still hate eating alone ... but it's not like I'd get bored!

2. Which dish are you most likely to order and why? - At BWW?  It's hard to tell ... it depends on my mood.  I have an unnatural love of chicken wings ... so that's probably your safest bet.  I've had several other things on their menu and it's always good ... and I love their Garlic Parmesan Sauce so ... it's easy to find something at BWW.

3. Now you have the chance to entertain someone visiting from out of town: which restaurant are you likely to choose and why? - Easy peasy!  When visitors come to town, I take them to D'Arcy's Pint!  Springfield is only known for a few things ... Abe Lincoln ... the Springfield Mile ... and my personal favorite ... the horseshoe!   We were even featured on Food Network's Man v. Food.   It's not everyone's cup of tea.  You start with a slice of toasted bread ... top that with meat of some kind ... usually a hamburger or turkey or ham ... add a heap of french fries ... then top with a delicious white cheese sauce.  No ... it isn't healthy.  But if we're all gonna die someday anyway, you might as well go with a smile!

4. Which dish from a restaurant have you most diligently tried to duplicate in your own kitchen? - For years, I have tried to re-create Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce.  Have you ever had it?  It is crack in edible form.  I don't want it with chicken.  I don't want it over fettuccine.  I want it brought to my table in a big bowl with a spoon.  In any case, I've tried a dozen different copycat recipes ... all claiming to be just like the real thing.  I'd like to think I'm an okay cook?  Not amazing by any stretch but I can make do.  But I cannot recreate this for the life of me.  It's probably a good thing.  Because if I could make my own Alfredo sauce ... I'd weigh a thousand pounds and they'd have to cut me out of my house.

5. How close have you come to matching the flavors of restaurant chefs you’ve tried to emulate? - I've tried a few Food Network recipes from celebrities like Paula Deen or Emeril Lagasse.  Results vary.  Sometimes I whip up something pretty impressive.  Other times?  You may remember this story ... I was on a healthy kick once and tried to make Parmesan-crusted cod from a Rachel Ray recipe.  It was so unspeakably awful that I took one bite, scraped my tongue, walked over and picked up my keys, and drove to McDonalds.

6. What’s your favorite drink — it can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic — to have with a nice dinner? - Five months ago, I would've told you Cherry Coke.  And I still love Cherry Coke ... these days I may even be leaning more towards Cherry Pepsi.  But anyhow ... I've changed my drink of choice.  Stoney has an infusion pitcher and makes strawberry lemonade and peach lemonade.  It is so good ... it's like unicorns and fairies and rainbows in a glass!  I've tried re-creating it at home ... and I mine is alright ... but it's nothing like his.  I suspect he's putting crack in it.  And for me to say I love it more than Cherry Coke???  He must be.

Don't call what your wearing an outfit
Don't ever say your car is broke
Don't worry about losing your accent
A Southern Man tells better jokes
Have fun but stay clear of the needle
Call home on your sister's birthday
Don't tell them you're bigger than Jesus
Don't give it away, don't give it away

Jason Isbell - Outfit

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