Monday, August 26, 2013

It's As Easy As One Two Three ... iThirtyWhat

Welcome to iThirtyWhat ... week two!

Last week I shared Imagine Dragons and Radioactive.  This week is hard.  I have at least a half dozen songs I could share.  I thought the problem with this meme would be finding songs to share ... but come to find out the problem is deciding which one to share.

I have several beautiful, meaningful songs.  I have a love song or two.  Scrivener shared a song in the comments last week that I'm sure I'll use at some point ... because it is amazing.  But since next weekend is Labor Day Weekend ... the official end of summer, I thought we should go out with a bang!  How about something fun and trashy? 

Buckle your seat belt!  Here we go!  This week on iThirtyWhat ... I give you:  Mickey Avalon and Stroke Me ...

Backstory:  Stroke Me isn't remotely new.  In fact, it was released back in 2007.  But like Radioactive, it's been featured on advertisements and, most recently, in the trailer for "The Millers."  There's where I heard it ... and watching the trailer, I had that, "I have to have this!" moment.

So no touching story ... no inside jokes.  It's a song from a trailer that I can't stop playing.  Let's hope Stoney plays something that catches my attention this week ... cause I'm just about burnt out on this one ...

If you have a new favorite song ... whether it's a new song or a song that's new to you ... then put it in the comments.  If I love it, maybe it will be the featured song next time!  Sesame Street was right ... sharing is fun!

Let me get a look at the goods
She said that she wouldn't
But I knew that she would

Mickey Avalon - Stroke Me


  1. I promise: I'm not one of those guys who thinks the cover or re-imagining of an older song is always worse than the source material, and I'm only slightly influenced by the fact that I played Billy Squier's Don't Say No album TO DEATH in high school. But man, this song is awful. Sorry.

    I have been trying to get into the new Queens of the Stone Age album, but I find it mostly unmemorable. To get myself in the mood for another try, I revisited Them Crooked Vultures, whose so-far-only album is killer. This song, my favorite from them, has been in the rotation a lot this week.

    If you can find their performance of it on SNL, that's even better than this one from Austin City Limits.

    "If it kills, I got news: it ain't a side effect..."

  2. Well ... I don't know. I want to say I'm a purist and I prefer originals to re-makes ... but now that I'm sitting there thinking about it, I prefer Manfred Mann's Blinded By The Light over Bruce Springsteen. I prefer Soft Cell's remake of Tainted Love over Gloria Jones. I prefer Garth Brooks' Shameless over Billy Joel. So maybe I'm a poser after all? haha :)

    You're right ... this song IS awful. It's trashy and it's cliche and the rhyming is bad and the lyrics suck ... and it's perfect! I wouldn't compare it to Billy Squire ... I wouldn't consider this a remake or a cover. This is a bastardized white-boy rap ... which would've been forgotten if it weren't for Warner Bros. marketing department.

    I'm not a huge Queens of the Stone Age fan. This week iTunes offered free streaming of the new NIN album ... and I used to LOVE Pretty Hate Machine. So I listened ... made it about three songs in before I decided this is noise. I don't know if the album is garbage ... or if I'm old ... or if the answer is C ... all of the above. :)