Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday Six #488

Gosh, I'm chatty today!   All apologies on the multiple posts.  This is number two ... and number three is on its way.  Since I got to be part of the Great Staining Party of 2013, I'm behind ... so I have the Saturday Six and the Friday Five to post today.  Sorry everybody ... maybe College One was right all those years ago.  Maybe I am a ketchup blogger!

Saturday Six

This week, Saturday Six played a little game of “What If?”   Their directions were:  For all of these questions, assume you’ve just read the morning paper and spotted a false report of your own death.

1. Who would be the first person close to you whom you’d call to set the record straight? - You would think the answer to this would be Stoney, wouldn't you?  Yes ... I would definitely want him to know that I was alright.  But unless this mystery obituary showed up on a Saturday or Sunday?  Stoney wouldn't see it.  So the first person I would call is Mom ... because she faithfully reads the paper first thing every morning.  Truth is, she would see it long before I even woke up.

2. Would you call the newspaper to dispute the report before or after calling the person you named in Question 1? - Oh, I'd call Mom first ... no question about it.  I can deal with the newspaper anytime.  Mom's wrath ... is infinite.

3. Would you be tempted to play along with the situation and show up somewhere that you knew people who thought you’d died would be, just to see their reaction? - No ... no no no ... never.  I don't know if my answer ever would have been yes ... but since my friend died, the answer is a resounding no.  The hurt of someone dying is so ... intense ... I wouldn't put anyone through it for a second longer than necessary.

4. Would you go online to read comments if you knew your newspaper’s website had such a place for people to leave memories of you? - Sure ... because people are at their nicest when someone dies.  It isn't like anyone would get on there and say, "Boy!  Wasn't ThirtyWhat a bitch?!"  Nope ... you'd get to hear a thousand wonderful things!  Granted ... most of them probably wouldn't be true ...

5. If you could find an honest listing of such memories and thoughts from people who knew you, would you expect the comments to be all positive, all negative, mostly positive, mostly negative, or in the middle? - An honest listing of memories?  I'd like to think they would be mostly positive.  I'm self aware enough to know I have lots of flaws ... I'd just like to hope the good would outweigh the bad.

6. If you were to see your obituary, would you hope that your true age was or wasn’t mentioned? - Hah!  Eighteen months ago ... no ... eight months ago ... I would've said no!  List my age ... who gives a fat rat's ass?  Now ... oh dear God ... let's just pray they get the year wrong!

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun

FUN - We Are Young

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