Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Get Carried Away - iThirtyWhat

Welcome to iThirtyWhat ... week five!   You thought I forgot yesterday, didn't you?  Well, I didn't ... I just had other things I wanted to talk about.   Sing it with me, Bobby Brown ... it's my prerogative!

So let's recap ... week one we hit up Imagine Dragons and Radioactive ... week two we listened in on Mickey Avalon and Stroke Me ... week three we roller-disco'ed with Stephen Colbert and Get Lucky ... and week four we got grabbed the Kleenex and a bottle of Valium and listened to The Civil Wars and The One That Got Away.   Week five is a party on the surface ... but underneath?

Buckle your seat belt!  Here we go!  This week on iThirtyWhat ... I give you:  Passion Pit and Carried Away ...

Backstory:   Carried Away is my new favorite song of the moment ... I've hit replay on this a dozen times now.   It is fun!  It sounds happy and bouncy ... it's got a neat retro-sound to it and I loved it from the first time I heard it.  How could you be anything but happy listening to this song?   Well ... I guess you could read the lyrics ...

This song is the aural version of multiple personality disorder.  On the surface it sounds bouncy and pink ... full of glitter and rainbows.  But the lyrics say something different ...

Listen, I don't really know you
And I don't think I want to
But I think I can fake it if you can
And let's agree there's no need
No more talk of money
Let's just keep pretending to be friends

The hell?  The lyrics are odd and the chorus especially since it's an apology.  I have no idea what it means.  But as long as I can hit replay and dance along, as Icona Pop would say?  I don't care ... I love it!

I get carried away
Carried away from you
And I'm hoping and I'm praying
Cause I'm sorry, sorry about that
Sorry about the things that I said
Always let it get to my head

Passion Pit - Carried Away

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