Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Guess Everybody's Got To Have a Hobby ...

I was just telling Stoney the other day about how I used to be creative.  For years I painted and made gifts and did really neat stuff ... but for whatever reason, I just don't seem to do it anymore.   Well, I was cleaning off an external hard drive here at work and I found some pictures ...

Back in 2002, one of my co-workers was pregnant and we were throwing her a baby shower.  She had struggled to conceive and was having twins ... so we really wanted to make a big deal out of it for her.  My boss was into wood working ... so we started with having him make a large, simple toy box.   Then I took it home ... and started painting.

They decided to make Disney's Winnie the Pooh the theme of their nursery ... and the couple loved NASCAR so much they got engaged at the Daytona 500.  So I decided to combine those two things ...

Here's the finished toy box.   Like I said it was simple ... but it was large and it held a lot. We packed that sucker with presents ... it was so full the lid barely closed!

Their last name was Clark ... and they were having twins ... so ... I created a Clark Twin Track Speedway logo for the lid.  My favorite part was the Winnie the Pooh honey bees that were flying around the logo.  I thought that was pretty sweet of me to include them ... considering I hate bees ... cartoon or otherwise.

On the right side, I made Pooh into a race car driver ... even put tiny flames on his jacket since they were fans of Jeff Gordon ... and had Piglet coming out of the winner's cup.  Yeah, I'm assuming real racing cups don't look a thing like that ... but I was definitely at a disadvantage with this project since I didn't know anything about NASCAR.

On the left side, I made Tigger, Rabbit, and Owl into the pit crew.  Their little jackets and hats all had flames on them ... although once I had delivered the finished product to the office, I realized that I'd painted the flames in the wrong direction.  Not awesome, ThirtyWhat ... not awesome.

The front was just a simple Team Pooh Racing logo.  When I designed it on the computer, I intended to incorporate all the characters ... but as you can see Roo is on the front instead of Owl.  If I remember right, I painted the front last ... and stayed up late painting and sealing that final night.  I was upset that I wasn't able to do more with it because I ran out of time.

I have pictures of other projects ... including some sock monkeys I've made.  So I may put a couple pictures of my sock monkeys up later.  I guess I'm hoping putting this here will motivate me to do something with all the spare time I'm about to have ...

We're painting the roses red
And many a tear we shed
Because we know
They'll cease to grow
In fact, they'll soon be dead
And yet we go ahead
Painting the roses red

Alice in Wonderland -
Painting the Roses Red


  1. The toy box is freaking beautiful. What a wonderful gift. But it breaks my heart that you didn't go with "count all the bees in the hive; chase all the clouds from the sky..." for your closing lyrics!

  2. Thanks, Scrivener .... I don't know why I didn't think of Pooh Corner!! I must've had a brain cloud ... that would've been perfect!