Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moo With Me!

So, I can't say I've spent the last 24 hours with Stoney ... but at 22 hours, I'd say that we came mighty darned close.  Originally we had tickets to see the Avett Brothers in Bloomington Tuesday night ... but the concert was postponed until February.  So, never let it be said that we don't make lemonades out of lemons ...

After work yesterday, we just hung out around his house and had a relaxed evening.  Today his  gorgeous new refrigerator was delivered by one company ... and his old stove was picked up and recycled by another.  We did a few little chores this morning ... I made breakfast then later while he prepared for the delivery truck by cleaning out the old fridge and packing everything into coolers, I went into the bedroom and put a few things in my new space.  Not a lot ... just a handful of items ... but it makes me smile to think there's a little piece of me over at his house.

The only bad part of the last 22 hours?  I bruised one of my toes pretty badly when  I tried to walk through a room without turning the lights on.  A random act of stupidity?  No ... worse than that.  If I'm being honest on here, it's because I was being nosy.  I saw a light on at a neighbor's house and thought I'd take a look.  The universe said, "I don't think so ..." and three steps into the room, I stubbed my toe on Stoney's office chair.  I'm glad it'll be warm the next couple days because I'm gonna have to wear sandals to work ... shoes just hurt too bad.

I'd give anything if only it was the weekend ... but it's not.  Tomorrow I'm back at work ... decommissioning computers and getting the office ready for the final day on Friday.  But before I take the hottest shower in the world, put on my fresh jammies, and call it a day ... thank you, Stoney, for giving me lots of hugs, lots of kisses, and making it a wonderful day ...

Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Out where the world belongs
To only you and I

Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Halfway

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