Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm The Cook ... Say My Name ...

This Sunday is the series finale of Breaking Bad.   So many questions!  What will Walt do with the ricin?  What will happen to Jesse Pinkman?  Now that he's gone into hiding, how will anyone call Saul???

Stoney is having a get together ... and I am having so much fun with this.  Yes ... I'm unemployed and bored but this gives me something to channel my energy into so stop judging me!

Ahem.  Sorry about that ... I guess I'm a little on edge about the interview tomorrow.

I thought it would be fun to make little bags of candy blue meth for the party.   Back in high school, I made rock candy all the time.  So if a teenager can do it ... how hard can it be for an adult?  Well, first ... we need a recipe.

I found a wonderful post at!  She offers an easy recipe ... complete with pictures and tips and tricks.  I was going to post it here ... but why not give her the hits?  Go ... check this out!

My first batch was alright ... good ... but definitely not Heisenburg quality.  I didn't mix the coloring in well enough ... so there were several tiny dark blue dots.  Also it isn't quite as hard as I'd like.  It's okay ... but it probably needed to be a few degrees hotter.   Hey ... first batches are never perfect.  It took Walt a few attempts before he made the perfect product!

By this weekend, I'll have perfected the process ... and I'll have candy meth so good that Lydia will be knocking at my door!   It should go nicely with the rest of the Breaking Bad menu ... tacos and burritos in honor of Tuco ... and Funfetti cupcakes with purple icing in honor of that nosy klepto Marie ... if I could only find a Los Pollos Hermanos in Central Illinois ...

Having your own Breaking Bad party?  Got any other ideas for party treats?  Yo! Share them in the comments, bitches!

Candy girl
You are my world
I need your love
Each and everyday

New Edition - Candy Girl

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