Monday, September 30, 2013

Still Hungry But Too Tired To Care ...

It has been a god-awful long day ... and my back is killing me.  Mom and I drove out to Petersburg to see my Dad's side of the family.  For some reason, my great-aunt decided that everyone should get together on a Monday night.  If we ever needed proof of senility, I think that right there would hold up in court.

My Dad's last remaining brother was there ... along with his dope-smoking attorney wife.  Thank goodness my second cousin came by.  He and his wife are, quite frankly, the only people worth talking to at these functions.  Everyone else is a either a phony or a snob ... or both.  I have such low tolerance for their nonsense.   If you just listened to the conversations in the room, you'd think I was related to the Kennedy's ... but I'm not.  They're farmers.  Unfortunately, no one has told them that owning a million dollar combine does not make you a millionaire.

The thing is ... that my favorite cousin that I mentioned?  He and his wife had something like ten kids.  Not my particular choice of lifestyle ... but good for them!  Each one of those kids have grown up and are doing their own thing ... and three of them have had kids of their own.  So the evening started with my great-aunt saying, "We can't wait for everyone to get here ... so we're going to eat at six o'clock."  Then kids started calling. "Hey, everyone ... karate is running late so we're going to eat at 6:15 ..." then "Hey, everyone, the baseball team just got in so we're going to eat at 6:45 ..."

By 7:15, I was about to start chewing on my arm.  I hadn't had a big lunch ... and for all the airs they put on, there weren't any drinks out so I'm guessing my blood sugar was low.   I was getting tired and irritable.  Finally Rafiki carried in Simba, everyone bowed down and sang a song, they rubbed mango on it's head and we were allowed to eat meatballs and boxed mashed potatoes.  No no ... I'm kidding about Rafiki  ... some kid's practice got over and we got to eat.  Not kidding about the boxed mashed potatoes though ...

In any case ... before we went, Mom and I went to the cemetery and put new flowers and a new lantern on Dad's grave.  Then, driving home, we went back by the cemetery so she could see the lantern lit up at night.  It's been such a long day ... but its hard to tell someone you don't want to do something when you aren't working.  What's your excuse?  I have to get up early tomorrow ... oh wait ... um ... never mind ...

So, I'm tired ... and I need a shower and I need some pajamas.  I think I'll just call it a day.

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song
Just to turn it around

Daniel Powter - Bad Day

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