Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A Perfect Storm ...

I'm frustrated and I need to vent.

I worked for 23 years for the federal government. My office closed and my last day was on Friday, September 20th.  I knew that the situation wasn't optimal ... and that I needed to plan for the future. I did everything right.

I verified my severance package details including my bi-weekly payment and the lump sum payment I'll receive for my leave. I filed an unemployment claim first thing the following Monday morning. I got the paperwork filled out, notarized, and shipped to HQ to request a complete payout on my Thrift Savings Plan. I've applied for jobs. I've had interviews. I held off paying a couple big bills in case my first severance payment was delayed.  I've tried to be responsible. I tried to prepare for every foreseeable scenario.

But I didn't foresee that the federal government would shut down.

Mine is obviously just one of a million stories of people who have been affected by the shutdown.  I'm sure there are individuals and families who are far worse off than me ... but the irony is bitter.  My employment history is wrapped around the federal government ... and every aspect of my finances are tied to the government.

My unemployment claim is in limbo.  They can't verify my income ... because the government is shut down and there is no one available to verify my income.

My severance payment is on hold.  Because the government is shut down, there is no one at NFC to process payments.   For the same reason, the lump sum payment for my leave is on hold.

My payout from Thrift Savings Plan wouldn't be finalized until October 20th ... 30 days after my separation.  But because of the shutdown, the request hasn't even been processed.  I paid to have the forms notarized and sent in ... but there's no staff to input the paperwork.

And the cherry on top?  I bank at the federal employees credit union ... which is located inside the IRS.  So even though the credit union is open, no one is allowed to enter the building ... so all transactions have to be done by phone or mail.

The whole situation is beyond frustrating.  I put all my ducks in a row ... only to have someone drain the pond.  I'm supposed to have another interview this week, although I haven't been given a date or time.   For the time being, I'm going to have to hope that the politicians in Washington pull their head out of their asses quickly ... and hope that I can impress the hell out of the interview team and get that job.

Money so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a rise
It's no surprise that they're
Giving none away

Pink Floyd - Money


  1. Good luck, ThirtyWhat. And, if you ever need anything notarized, just stop by my office any time, any day. I'm your notary girl.

  2. Thank you SO much, Marie! I got some good news today ... not AWESOME news ... but good news. And ever little bit helps ... :) Thanks for the notary thing ... I didn't realize you were a notary! You're the BEST! :)