Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Wish I Was More Handy ...

A quick update ...

As I wrote earlier tonight ... the original plans for my sabbatical have changed.  However, I have been trying to stay productive.  Tonight, I started working on my foyer wall.

After American Horror Story tonight, I got out my ladder and started working.  Before it was over, I'd pulled out over four dozen nails.  I spackled a few holes before getting out a bucket of hot, soapy water.  I tried washing that wall.  I scrubbed with a sponge ... I tried a using a mop ... but no matter what I tried, the marks were still there.  It was a complete and utter disaster. 

The dark marks from under the frames aren't just dirt.  I don't know what happened ... but bottom line, they'll have to be painted over.  And the spackling?  There is textured plaster on the wall ... and I'm afraid in a best case scenario, I'm doing it wrong ... and, in a worst case scenario, quite possibly doing more harm than good.

So now ... on my list of things to do, I need to add "find an interior painter."  I'll pay someone to spackle and paint that one wall ... then if they do a good job, I'll have then paint the rest of the foyer and the hallway going upstairs.

So I did the best I could tonight.  Tomorrow I have a full plate.  I'm going to lunch with some of my old co-workers ... running by the credit union to drop off a check ... going to Mom's to print off some forms for my new job ... and then going to see a movie tomorrow night with IdiotsAnonymous and one of her friends.   I think in my spare time, I'll measure that wall and take a few pictures.  Maybe I can get a couple of estimates and find out what I'm looking at to get the place looking respectable.

Baby steps ...

Said, woman, take it slow
It'll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience
Said, sugar, make it slow
And we come together fine
All we need is just a little patience

Guns N' Roses - Patience

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