Thursday, October 31, 2013

There's a First Time For Everything ...

Starting a new job is a little like starting a new relationship.  You're nervous ... trying to be on your best behavior because you want to make a good impression.

And in the beginning, everyone keeps track of the firsts.  I think that part is fun ... I'm always jazzed when we're doing something for the first time. In fact, this weekend Stoney and I planned our first joint present. (Note: I'm talking about a gift from the both of us ... not a present of joints. Wouldn't that be amazing, though?  You know, I may need to stop listening to Kevin Smith so much ...)

But I digress ...

I'm still at the point of marking firsts with Stoney and now I get to mark firsts here too. Today was my first team meeting. It was odd ... nothing bad, mind you ... but I barely know these people. So for me, going into a small room with ten people when you only know the names of four of them is a little daunting.

Also on my list of new things today ... I had my first holiday/food day. This wasn't just a team thing ... it was the entire building.  Back at my old job, we pretty much grazed all day ... going into the break room every couple hours to get a snack.  Today was more of a luncheon ... and it was delicious. The bosses grilled out pork chops and hot dogs ... and there were probably fifteen different types of chili and soup to try.

The only hard part of it was not really knowing anyone.  But, I'm making inroads because ...

I got invited to lunch!   Tomorrow I'm going to Mekong Cafe with my cousin and a bunch of her girlfriends from our office. That will be so nice!  I want to make friends. I'm an outgoing person ... so it's genuinely hard  to be in a situation where I can't be friendly and joke with everyone.  But I have faith ... that part will get better.

So ... a day of firsts!  Now for a hot shower and some pajamas ... I want to stretch out!

It feels like the first time
Feels like the very first time
It Feels like the first time
It Feels like the very first time

Foreigner -
Feels Like the First Time

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