Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today I got such good news ...

After 23 years with the federal government, I'm back in the private sector.  I've been offered a job ... I start on the 28th!   Thirty six days without a job ... more than I'd hoped ... less than I'd feared.

While it looks like a job I'll enjoy in a nice office ... it isn't perfect.  I'll be making less than I was before.   But what can you expect ... it's a starting salary.  Plus the hours aren't what I'd hoped.  They cover all the time zones ... so, after my three month training period, it looks like I'll be working the ten to seven shift for awhile.  But ... it took me twenty three years and three promotions to get to where I was with the feds.  I have to remember that I'm starting over.

I'm happy and grateful.   I'm also a little sad that after those first three months, I won't have entire evenings to hang out with Stoney for awhile.  Sure, I can stop by and see him ... but we won't be having dinner together unless it's on the weekends.   I'm not whining or complaining ... I know it could be so much worse.  I could be working a night shift ... or hell, not have a job at all.  So I'm not complaining ... just a little wistful.

I have another story to tell ... a story about my long, strange evening reconnecting with Rose.  But this post needed to stand alone.  I got the job!!

Back in the race
I'm movin' in
'Cause I am getting closer
I'm diggin' in
I want it more
Than anything I've wanted

Frank Stallone - Far From Over