Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five: Boring

Happy Anniversary!  Today marked the end of week four at my new job.  One month!  I'll write more about this happy occasion tomorrow.  Meanwhile ... pardon me.  I have a little sewing to do ...

The Friday 5 

1. What’s the most boring television show? - Probably Survivor.  Run down a beach ... grab a flag ... get a key ... swim to a raft ... solve a puzzle ... raise a flag ... start a fire ... eat a grub ... blah blah blah.  It never changes.  It's always the same.  I still semi-sort of watch it ... mainly because my mom and my favorite aunt watch it and this way we have something to talk about.  But at this point, watching Survivor is kind of like watching a soap opera ... you can take a few weeks off, come back, and you haven't missed a thing.

2. What’s a really boring movie? - Have you ever seen Legends of the Fall?  Brad Pitt ... naked.  That alone right there should make it a winner, right?  No ... it's a four hour marathon of tragedy. If it looks like something happy is about to happen? Hold up ... somebody is about to be shot.  If it looks like the hero will get the girl? Someone will have a stroke or be eaten by a bear. It's ridiculous. K loved it ... she thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I thought it was a viable cure to insomnia.

3. Whose music is really boring? - I think classical music is pretty boring.  There are pieces that are  lovely and I do enjoy hearing those.  I have a couple hundred classical mp3s in my library but ... if we're being honest?  I skip over most of them.

4. What used to be interesting but is now boring? - American Horror Story ... as much as I hate to admit it.  The first season of this show was just amazing.  I still love it to this very day.  But ... every week I watch and every week I'm disappointed.  And I love me some witches so that's saying something.  I haven't watched this week's yet ... so I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong.

5. Who’s the most boring person you know? - I have an aunt who is the sweetest woman on Earth. She would move the heaven and stars to help anyone she loves.  And should you need help?  She is the one person you want on your side.  But having said that ... sweet bouncing baby Jesus ... that woman cannot tell a story.  She starts at point A ... skips B ... talks for an hour or so ... then remembers and goes back to fill you in on B ... then may or may not repeat herself and tell you the whole damned story over again.  She's so bad that my favorite aunt has gotten in the habit of refusing to pick the phone when she sees this woman on her caller ID ... which has made my boring aunt not just boring ... but also angry.  It makes for a great family night!

Fast car
Got money
Hot friends
Rock band
Not interested
No Tha-ank you

Pink - Boring

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