Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Yesterday was Stoney's birthday (Happy Birthday, hon!)   It was a nice, quiet day.  We saw American Hustle and then had lunch at IHOP ... his choice, by the way.  I would've happily bought him a t-bone or lobster.   But he was the birthday boy and he was craving pancakes.  We headed back to his house where he opened presents and we watched a little Breaking Bad.

I felt bad ... last year, K called everybody and pulled together a small birthday party for Stoney ... this year I kind of dropped the ball.  I didn't throw him a party ... I didn't even make treats for Stoney-Day at his work.  So ... I'm going to have to step up my game next year ... assuming he keeps me around.  I don't know ... a surprise party ... strippers ... something ...

Hope I didn't spoil your birthday
I'm not acting like a lady
So I'll close this note to you
With good luck and wishes too
Happy happy birthday baby

Dale and Grace -
Happy Birthday Baby

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