Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Wasn't Lazy I Was Shovel-Less

Last year, we had a big snow storm ... probably a foot of heavy, wet snow.  I took my shovel out and started working on the porch and the steps.  I was mid-way down the sidewalk ... out of breath and exhausted ... when two young men walked up and offered to help.

They took my shovel and between the two of them, they cleaned my entire sidewalk and driveway in about twenty minutes.  It was pretty damned impressive.  When they were done, I offered to pay them and they said no ... they just wanted to help.   But ... they asked if they could borrow my shovel to earn a little money around the neighborhood and I said sure.  They told me they would drop it off later that afternoon and just leave it on my porch.

No big surprise ... I never saw them, or my shovel, again.  In the big scheme of things, I didn't let it bother me.  After all, they scooped my driveway ... and since they didn't take any money, I thought the shovel was a fair trade.

That was the last snow of the season.  I didn't think any more of the incident ... until last weekend's snowmageddon.  I'm not sure what the final total was ... five or six inches maybe?  But it was heavy and wet.  All I had was a broom and it wasn't moving a thing.  Without a shovel, I was pretty much screwed.  I decided I was going to let this snow sit ... let it melt ... and I would get replacement tools before the next storm.

I guess it's true.  We make plans ... and God laughs.  

Supposedly we're getting more this weekend ... and that snow on my steps and sidewalk?  It hasn't even begun to melt.   My mailman has finally decided it's packed down enough to bring my mail up on the porch ... but I'm not proud ... it's a mess.  

So I stopped by Walgreens today and picked up a new bag of rock salt and brand new Cubbie blue shovel.   I didn't have a chance to go out and use it ... there was a Christmas pageant after work for my cousin's daughter and I promised to attend.   I won't scoop any tomorrow either because I have plans with Stoney.

But I do own a shovel now ... and I will fix the mess in front of my house.  Probably Friday?  Yes ... definitely Friday.  When is the next snow coming again?  Well, shit ..

Snowblind, can't live without you
So fine I just can't get away
Won't you throw me a lifeline
I'm going down for the third time
I'm snowblind, and I can't get away

Styx - Snowblind


  1. I have no comment except to say that Styx was my favorite, favorite, favorite band from grade six through the end of high school. I loved them so, so, so much.

  2. Who doesn't love Styx? They were so cheesy and perfect. Sigh ... I miss rock and roll ...