Sunday, January 26, 2014

The End Of One Week ... The Start Of Another ...

So speaking of last Friday ... come to find out, we were all a bit of a nervous wreck.  None of us talked about it beforehand ... but we were all a little anxious about Friday night's big meet n' greet. 

I think I've talked to everybody now.  We all agreed it was fun and that we had a blast.   Miniature Moose said we should have game nights more often.  College One was very sweet and told me that even though I didn't need her approval, she wanted me to know that Stoney was cool and was a keeper.  Heck, Idiots Anonymous has already gone to Macy's with one of her presents and wrote me asking to tell Stoney thank you.  Everything's been positive ...

And now ... slowly but surely ... it's coming out that, secretly, we were all anxious.  College One needed a little Irish courage ... I was back riding the Imodium train ... and even Stoney was feeling nervous.  Now that I'm thinking about it, Idiots Anonymous never said she was nervous ... but she met Stoney at K's funeral so she was already ahead of the game.

I hadn't intended for everyone to meet at a holiday event.  Sure, it was a month late ... but it was still our "Christmas."  I was thinking we should all go to dinner or something before hand so there would be less stress?  But ... time just got away from me.  I should've invited him to the ThanksBirthGiving Bash back in November ... but I dropped the ball on that too.   It's amazing anyone knows anyone, quite frankly ... because left to my own devices, I'd be living alone in a hole in the ground.

I've spent the day relaxing ... gearing up for this next week.  It's going to be insanely busy.  Monday I'm having a handy man come by to look at some house projects.  At some point next week I have to go get all that blood work done.  Friday at work we're having a) a Super Bowl food day, b) a Trivia Bowl at lunch, c) a Super Bowl jersey contest, and d) Valentine's Day pre-ordering.  Think that's not enough?

Friday night is also family night ... first one we've gone to in about four months.  Saturday is the Crimestopper's Trivia Night ... the first trivia we've gone to since K passed away.  Sunday is Stoney's Super Bowl party ... so rewind ... because that means part of Saturday will be some cooking and prep-work for the party.  So yes ... I was lazy today.  But I'm thinking of it as pre-charging my batteries for the week ahead ...  

So much happiness.  So much to look forward to!

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
I wanna see you be brave

Sara Bareilles - Brave

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