Monday, February 24, 2014

Really? REALLY?

There's a certain sense of gratification you get from being a homeowner.  It's a false gratification ... it's not as though you really "own" the property ... you're basically renting it from the mortgage company ... while doing all your own upkeep and repairs.  But still ...

As homeowners, it seems like there's a never ending list of things that we're responsible for ... things that we never considered once while we rented.   You have to change the furnace filter.  Change the batteries in the smoke detectors.  All 12 of them.   If a tree limb falls, you have to have someone cut it up.  If the fridge stops working, you have to call to have it fixed.  It really is never ending.

And now let's add something new to that list ...

Leaky cable.

Yup ... it's a load of horseshit ... but there is such a thing.  Apparently if you have a loose wire somewhere, the signal leaks out into the air ... floating through the atmosphere ... creating mayhem, lighting fires, molesting children, sneaking drinks straight out of the milk jug.  And by god, if you don't have those wires tightened?  They'll shut your service off.

I reiterate ... it's a load of horseshit.

Now on top of this, I'm told that I have to be here to let them in ... to find this loose connection.  Originally they assured me I would never have to take off work to do this.  They would work around my schedule.  Oh wait ... um ... well ... maybe not?

This is the third appointment I've had with them.  Each time I've told them what time I've gotten off work.  One time they cancelled it and rescheduled it, without asking, for the entire day of Saturday.  Seriously ... the time they might show up was anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.  I shit you not.

When I rescheduled that, we made it for tomorrow ... and I told them I could not meet them here until 5:30.  I logged onto the website to pay my bill tonight ... and guess what I saw?  "You have an appointment with us tomorrow!  A technician will be at your house between 1 and 3 p.m."

FUCK ME WITH A CHAINSAW.  Are you serious???

I tried to change the appointment from the website.  It wouldn't let me and suggested I "chat" with a technician.  I clicked on the chat window and told him the issue.  He said it wouldn't let him change the appointment online but that I should call this 800 number.  I called ... and they told me that they couldn't switch it ... but that if I wanted to call back later they could try then.

At this point ... fuck Comcast and fuck cable and fuck it all.   I need a drink ... and a cable company who doesn't have a monopoly and think they can come and go as they please.  I swear to God if there weren't so many trees on this property I would have a dish on my roof faster than Tyrion Lannister can bitch slap Joffrey.

I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough
I'm like
And fuck her too.

Cee Lo Green - Fuck You

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