Saturday, March 01, 2014

It Makes Me Smile ...

Okay, so I did what I wasn't supposed to do.  I skipped my morning blood pressure medicine. 

Wait ... before you think I was acting like an irresponsible child ... I took my reading this morning and it was fine.  A *little* high, but fine.  I took it again as soon as I got home and it was lower than it was this morning.  I just took my evening dose so I'm sure I'll be back riding the exhaustion train in the next sixty minutes or so ... but for now, I'm going to write while I still have energy.

I skipped my medicine so I would be able to be myself today.  I don't get to spend a lot of time with this group of women ... they all work together and so are pretty tight knit.  I only get to see them when we do something special or we play trivia or they hold a scrap booking day.  It broke my heart to imagine my one day hanging out with them in ages spent in a somnolent stupor.

I had fun ... much more fun than I expected.   I'd been dreading today ... mainly because of the exhaustion ... but also because I wasn't prepared to scrapbook in any way.  But I took a sock monkey that I need to sew ... and I also took my crocheting ... and it was a nice afternoon.

But ... all good things must come to an end.  I took tonight's medicine ... and I can already feel my brain slowing down.  At least I can sleep in tomorrow ... I guess that's something.  But today gave me something to look forward to ... hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll be back to feeling like I can make people laugh ... feeling like I'm fun to be around again.

I miss that ...

At worst I feel bad for a while
But then I just smile
I go ahead and smile

Lily Allen - Smile

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