Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teachable Moments ...

Isn't it weird how after you're with someone for awhile, you start picking up on little clues?  Or maybe after awhile we just become comfortable enough with one another to let our guards down.

I spent most of this weekend over at Stoney's house ... and I noticed something really adorable.   When I'm doing something he finds annoying, he tries really hard to be polite.   Whatever he's saying, he says it lovingly ... but there's this little undertone that lets you know, "Woman, you are starting to bounce on my last nerve ..."

The first time I noticed it was when we were driving around Saturday after the movie.  He had the sunroof open and I was goofing off.  I was sticking my hands out the roof ... and he very nicely said, "Would you please put your hands back inside?"  Then later that afternoon, I was precariously leaning off the couch.  I was trying to grab at his feet and he kept warning me I was going to fall off and get hurt ... and he finally said, "Would you please stop hanging off the couch, sweetheart?"

It was so adorable ... and I know how wrong it is to say that ... considering I was irritating him.  I know it's not good ... but it was just so damned cute!   And it's not like I was trying to get on his nerves ... but I guess if you're around someone long enough, it's just bound to happen.  I stopped wiggling my fingers out the sunroof ... and I stopped hanging off the furniture ... so ... baby steps! 

He's doing a damned fine job of putting up with my flakiness.  Hell, I drank half his orange juice in twenty four hours and he didn't get mad ... so that's a pretty good sign!  

I've already bought groceries to restock his kitchen ... as soon as he isn't sick, I'll replace everything.   I hope he gets well soon ... cause I'm starting to crave orange juice again ... and that Simply Orange in my fridge is looking mighty tasty!

And constant
Has always

K.D. Lang -
Constant Craving

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