Sunday, May 04, 2014

Let Us Not Forget ...

Today is a wonderful day ... a spectacular day ... a day we should all remember and hold in our hearts.  Star Wars Day!  And don't forgot tomorrow ... because tomorrow we'll be celebrating Revenge of the 5th!

So  ... Stoney has been on me for awhile to watch a series on Showtime called Shameless.   He didn't praise it the way he did Breaking Bad.   However, every show he's begged me to watch?  I've absolutely loved.  He's got a great batting average ...

Still ... I'm nothing if not an award-winning procrastinator ... and I just never got around to starting it.

Fast forward ... ever since my Uncle's hip surgery, my Mom's been going to lunch with him each week.   He's been getting her to watch a few different series ... the first DVD set he let her borrow was Breaking Bad.   Fast forward ... one day last week she called and said, "Your Uncle has me watching something new ... it is so good ... these people are so low class ... you wouldn't believe some of things they do!"

I sighed and said, "Let me guess ... Shameless?"

When it gets to the point that my Mom is watching the cool shows before I do?  I need to step up my game.   I started on Saturday morning.   Twenty four hours later ... I am hooked.

The weird thing?   I've been calling the neighbors across the street the Squidbillies ... and referring to the patriarch as Grandpa Squidbilly.   No ... I was wrong.   I am living across from the Gallagher Family.

The man constantly drunk and yelling on the porch?   Is Frank.   The kid who thinks the dog is talking to him?   Obviously Carl.   There are quite a few little Liams running around over there ... in fact, at times I suspect they're running an illegal daycare.   And they are desperately in need of a Fiona.

So ... I'm off to watch more Shameless ... and finish up a couple baking projects I have going.   In the meantime ... May the 4th be with you, my friends ...

What a wookie!

Supernova - Chewbacca

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