Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Test ...

So ... last Saturday, I packed a bag and headed over to Stoney's for what we ceremoniously dubbed ... "The Test."  

I've spent a lot of time with him over the last year or so that we've been together.  We've gone on road trips ... both with friends and by ourselves.  We've spent holidays together.  I've met his family.  He's met mine.  I stayed over at his house a bit ... then a lot more after we got our big, comfy bed.   Over the last year he's seen me with terrible bed head.  He's seen me without any makeup.  He knows I get tired a lot.  And he knows I snore every once in awhile.  Okay okay okay fine ... he knows I snore frequently.

But we decided we'd take a week and experience ... cohabitation.

Since it was a holiday weekend, we had Saturday evening ... then all day Sunday and Monday together ... followed by a shortened work week.   We agreed beforehand to end The Test on Friday ... but I ended up asking to extend it to Saturday morning so I didn't have to pack and gather after a long, trying day at work. 

I'm pleased to say that ... well ... at least as far as my opinion goes ... I think The Test was a success!

It's not a matter of just being able to brag that nobody yelled or stormed out crying.   Honestly, I would've been happy if I'd walked away from the week thinking to myself, "Well, that wasn't so bad."  But instead, I walked away thinking, "Hey, that was pretty awesome!"

It was wonderful to wake up to a kiss.  It was wonderful to hug him goodbye and say "have a good day" when he was leaving for work.  It was wonderful to wake up from a bad dream in the middle of the night and be able to roll over and snuggle up next to him and feel safe.  It was wonderful to look forward to coming home from work for a change.  It was wonderful to make dinner together ... to grocery shop together ... all the little daily minutia that you take for granted.

And I think we tried to make it a very "normal" week.   I blogged.  We played Scrabble.  I balanced my checking account.   Last Sunday I took some time and drove Mom out to Dad's grave to change the flowers and hang a new lantern.   I'm sure my being there was different for him ... I'm sure his routine had to change because of me.   But he still watched the game some nights ... and his mornings didn't change too much other than nudging me awake before he left.  Hopefully I didn't throw things too out of whack for him.

So ... The Test is over ... and I'm back at my house.  It feels weird ... and empty.  I'd forgotten how noisy my neighborhood is.   I'm listening to the Squidbillies throwing another hootenanny across the street.  Until this moment, I honestly thought I liked Rob Zombie's music ... but ... maybe not so much.  Wait ... it just shuffled to Backstreet Boys.  Sigh ... that is an eclectic mix ...

All in all ... I think it was an amazing week.   Other than me drinking all his Capri Sun,  I think I'm a pretty good housemate?   We'll see.  If he asks for his garage door opener back, we'll know I should've laid off the Peach Mango ...

It's been one week since you looked at me
Threw your arms in the air
and said "You're crazy"
Five days since you tackled me
I've still got the rug burns on both my knees
It's been three days since the afternoon
You realized it's not my fault
not a moment too soon
Yesterday you'd forgiven me
And now I sit back and wait til you say you're sorry

Barenaked Ladies - One Week

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful week!