Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Why Wasn't I Blogging?

Yesterday, I was hit by a bug ... and it hit me hard.

I was at work ... doing the work thing ... when I started feeling queasy.   I fought it down the best I could until I finally went in the bathroom and lost my breakfast.   I had that weird sense of relief ... like ... whatever I had eaten hadn't set well ... and now I was okay.  But I wasn't ...

I went to lunch and got a sandwich ... and couldn't even eat it.  Just the smell of food brought a return of the queasiness ... and I was back in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god twice more.  I finally decided I'd had enough.  It was a slow day ... why fight it.

I went to my boss and begged to go home.  He wasn't remotely interested in seeing me puke all over my desk and apparently the smudged mascara and blotchy cheeks were enough to tell him that this day was far from over.  He sent me home ... and all I could think was ... just let me go to sleep ... let me sleep and this will all be alright.  But it wasn't ...

A two hour nap did nothing ... as I threw up dinner.   At that point, I shut off the television and laid here in the dark basically praying for sweet, sweet death.  Anything that would make this go away.  I wasn't blogging ... wasn't texting ... wasn't even reading.

I woke up this morning ... and I'm alright.  I don't know if it was food poisoning ... or a bug ... but it has passed.  Oh, I still feel bad ... but only because it feels as though someone repeatedly kicked me in the ribs.  I can't laugh or sneeze or cough ... anything that moves my ribs hurts like a mother.

But I was able to keep my food down today.  Plus my head doesn't hurt.  So ... small blessings.   I'm hoping the rest of this week goes smoother.  Keep your fingers crossed ...

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