Monday, June 09, 2014

I'm Wrong ... But Can't Say I Care ...

I want to bitch about something ... but I have to be vague.   Sigh ...

There is a certain document for a certain state that I can order online for a reasonable price and obtain immediately.  It's a matter of a minute or so and it's downloaded and ready to go.  It's awesome ... one of the best websites I use, quite frankly.

Anyhow ... this same document can be gotten manually by sending a request to the state.  By doing it that way, you save $27.  However, ordering it that way is an enormous pain.  You have to fill out multiple forms ... request a check and wait for it be delivered ... then wait for the runner to take the request to the state.  And, since we're ordering it routine, instead of expedited, we then wait two or three or even four days for it be returned to us.

All that work ... versus 60 seconds online ... all to save $27.

Now you're thinking ... "But ThirtyWhat ... saving money is a good thing!"

True.  True.  However ... we're talking about orders than can easily run upwards of $10,000 ... we're going to haggle over twenty seven measly dollars?!  This is insanity.  Pure, unadulterated insanity.

Only one rep orders documents this way.  Only one.  But today I decided ... screw it.  I was going to order the docs online, have all three orders filled in a matter of minutes, and I wouldn't charge this rep the expedite fee.  Easy peasy rice and cheesy.  BOOM!  Couldn't be any better, right?


This rep noticed ... and sent a vague e-mail to the entire team ... including my boss ... saying that she noticed on an order that someone had ordered docs online ... and even though this person hadn't charged the expedite fee to the customer, that only meant that we were absorbing the costs ... and this was unacceptable.

I haven't had to talk with anyone about this ... but I'll happily take responsibility at tomorrow morning's staff meeting, when or if it comes up.  I'm in the wrong ... I'm not trying to justify it ... but it is frustrating.   I want to yell at this rep and tell her, "Hell, I'll pay the $27 out of pocket ... let me write you a check ... just to not have to sit for 30 minutes putting together an order that takes me moments to complete online!"

That is my bitch for today.  Carry on.

Is it all just wasted time
Can you look at yourself
When you think of what
You left behind

Skid Row - Wasted Time

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