Monday, June 30, 2014

Surrounded By Love ...

Well, one thing is obvious. I'm going to have to start taking my laptop with me when I go to Stoney's house.

I haven't posted since Thursday ... and that's because from Friday until this evening, I didn't have access to my laptop.   Have you ever tried to write a blog post on an iPhone?  It CAN be done.  But it isn't pretty.

Friday was family dinner.  First, let me stress it was wonderful to see everyone.  Really.  I love each and every one of them ... although some to lesser degrees.  But having said that?  We had plans this weekend and I really would've liked to have spent Friday night at home watching TV with Stoney and maybe ordering a pizza?  Instead we had dinner out ... and then went grocery shopping for the upcoming party.

Saturday was a day of work.  And while Stoney says I did a lot on Sunday, it doesn't begin to touch all his prep work on Saturday.  He got the hose out and washed down the siding ... sprayed for ants along the walks ... knocked down a wasp's nest ... knocked down spider webs.   He basically worked like a dog.  And yes ... I did a lot of clean-up on Sunday ... but it was in a nice, peaceful, air-conditioned kitchen ... not in a 100 degree, 90% humidity, spider and wasp infested, outdoor nightmare.

I don't like being outside.  Obviously.

So ... it was a wonderful weekend ... I'm happy and content ... and I'm also exhausted.

So please excuse me ... while I go take a hot shower ... put on the softest, cleanest pajamas ... and then go watch some hot Nordic vampire action ...

Well, it's your heart
That talks you into to stayin' where you are
Love will turn you around
Turn you around

Kenny Rogers -
Love Will Turn You Around

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