Monday, July 07, 2014

A Coke And a Smile Indeed ...

I'm enchanted by this whole "Share a Coke" campaign.  I saw it a week or two ago and didn't give much though to it ... until I was at a Walgreens.  I was picking up a handful of things and thought I'd get a Coke and drink it on the drive to Stoney's.  There, in the case, was a random mish-mosh of names.   Brandon - Holly - Ashley - Tyler.   Names I didn't recognize ... then I saw one I did.  It was one of Stoney's friends.  I pulled it out ... thinking it would be a laugh to take a picture of it.  And went to shut the door ... then I saw one two rows over with the name of this guy's wife.

So I bought them both ... took them to Stoney's and took a picture.  I thought that would be the end of it ... and then his friend said, "Hold on to them ..." so I did.

For the record, I ended up running to HyVee the next day to pick up a few things and bought a bottle of Coke named "Chris" ... just because I had been denied any the day before.

In any case ... fast forward to tonight.  On the way home, I decided I wanted chicken wings (again).  I stopped at County Market and was heartbroken to see no wingettes in the case ... or legs ... it was pretty much a bust.  I stopped this short of buying a whole cherry pie.  That wouldn't have ended well for anyone, let me tell you.  But I settled on a package of butterfly pork chops and a loaf of garlic bread ... and headed toward the checkout.

There, next to the salad bar, was an open bin full of bottles of Coke.  I stopped ... really hoping I'd find one with Stoney's (real) name on it.  But before I could even look, I saw a name which made me stop ... Stoney's friend who just passed.  And right next to it ... turned just slightly to the side as if to face it ... was his wife's name.

His name is fairly popular ... but her name is pretty specific.  To find them ... not only in the same bin ... but next to one another was so oddly touching.  I took them gently out, sat them on the salad bar, and took a picture to show Stoney.  I decided I needed to have them ... so I put them in my arms with the pork chops and garlic bread and headed to the checkout.

I don't know what I'll do with them.  Drink them eventually, I suppose.  I can't have a bottle of Coke for every person I've ever known.  

It's just odd ... the names I've looked for ... Stoney ... College One and her husband ... Idiot's Anonymous .... Miniature Moose ... none of those names have shown up ... although two of the three girls have fairly unique names and one is very unique.   I don't ever expect to see mine ... and if I do it will be spelled the "normal" way instead of the way mine is spelled.

I need to stop buying bottles of Coke just because there are familiar names on them.  It's a brilliant marketing plan.  I'm sure there are people all over the country saying, "Hey!  My brother's name is Tyler!" and buying an extra bottle just for that reason.  But tonight's find was special ... and for now it's a nice reminder of someone who liked to make people smile.

Wonder if your name is on a bottle at some gas station somewhere?  Coke has put out 250 of the most popular names.  If you're in the US, look for yours here ... other countries have different names, but apparently you can't bring those up from here.

Zip City it's a good thing
That they built a wall around you
Zip up to Tennessee
Or zip right down to Alabama
I got 350 heads on a 305 engine
I get ten miles to the gallon
I ain't got no good intentions

Drive By Truckers - Zip City

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