Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Tonight's Drama ...

Isn't it weird how something that was unheard of ten or fifteen years ago is now one of life's necessities?

Something has been weird with my phone for the last day or so.  I would get text messages ... but every so often I would hear my iPod touch ding inside my work bag ... with no corresponding ding on my iPhone.  Why did it take me this long to look into it? 

It seemed a little odd tonight.  I got a text from Stoney, who was having an issues installing a new lock in his house.  I wrote him ... but he didn't text me back.  That's okay ... we both get busy sometimes.  But fifteen or twenty minutes later, I noticed that I was hearing dings ... but they were coming from my work bag.  I dug my iPod out ... and sure enough, he'd texted me several times ... but nothing was coming through on my phone.

I rebooted it ... I messed with the settings ... nothing.  I texted Stoney ... it came back undeliverable.  He was sending texts that were going through to my iPod ... but nothing on the phone.  I texted the girls ... nothing went through.  I was in a panic.

And now we're back to square one.  Ten or fifteen years ago, this didn't even exist.  Now, when my phone stops texting, I am in full panic mode.  I've taught my mom to text.  Everyone texts.  This is just how we talk now.  I feel cut off ... and I call AT&T.

It was a problem with the iMessage server.  She showed me how to reset my connection to the server ... and just like that, everything was fine.  I feel stupid for worrying ... and I even apologized to the tech for calling about something so silly. 

She told me people call all the time ... in a panic because their cell phones are the way their boss gets in touch with them ... or they're waiting on a call from the hospital ... or their kids to get done at a game. Cell phones aren't just toys anymore ... gadgets to play with in a doctor's waiting room.  They're our direct link to friends and families and employers.  

Thank God mine is working now ... guess I can go back and finish that Bubble Witch level ...

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