Sunday, September 21, 2014

Not Well But Better ...

It's odd how your perceptions change.   For the longest time, whenever I went to Stoney's, it felt like staying at a nice hotel.   You know ... everything is pretty and new ... and not yours.   I'd always ask to stay over because I didn't want to feel like I was overstaying my welcome.   More than once I'd ask and he'd say, "Well, I was assuming you would ..." but ... I still asked.

Last Monday, I remember putting everything together to head back over here and for the first time it felt weird.  It felt weird leaving ... and that was new.  Then today, for the first time, it felt weird bringing groceries into my house.  I stopped to get pineapple juice and some cheese and pepperoni and crackers ... nothing huge.  But it just felt weird coming home.   I guess our perceptions change ... and that's life.

In other news ... I've been on antibiotics since last Wednesday.  Nevertheless, I was still sick as a dog on Friday.  We had a dinner to go to Friday night ... so I drugged it up and went.  But Saturday I woke up feeling absolutely wretched.  There were moments I literally felt like I was drowning in snot.  I spent the day either in bed or on the couch.

Later that evening, I was laying on the bed watching Orange is the New Black ... and I wondered, "What is that annoying sound?"  I could hear this ... scratchy whine.  The windows were open and I thought maybe a tree branch was scraping the house?  Then I wondered if something was wrong with the television ... so I paused the show to listen.

It was me.  What I was hearing was the rattle and wheeze in my chest.

Ugh ... that is never a good sign.  So ... I went to sleep worrying.  I knew that rattle ... I've had pneumonia quite a few times ... so I dozed off thinking that I might have to go back to Prompt Care the next day when I left Stoney's.  But in the end, I'm blessed ... because miracles do happen.  I woke up this morning and, while I still feel rough, I think I've turned the corner.  I have a wet cough that hurts like hell and takes all my energy ... but ... all in all ... I'm better.

Stoney took such good care of me.  He got up Saturday morning, went to the grocery store,  brought back donuts and chocolate milk, and put a pork roast and all the fixin's in the crockpot for dinner.  He gave me ibuprofen to knock my fever down.  He checked on me and brought me ice water ... oh ... and he showed me how to use the Xbox in the bedroom to connect to Netflix so I didn't have to watch Crazy Eyes on my phone. 

Thank you, baby, for keeping me alive ... again.  I'm probably gonna sleep off and on today ... but I think I'm making progress.  Viva la vida!

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

Coldplay - Viva La Vida


  1. Glad you're progressing! Here we call that place "Urgent Care" but I really prefer "Prompt Care." It sounds more proper and less slap-dash!

  2. Haha ... thanks! I'm not sure it's much of a step up? We have urgent care and prompt care. It depends on the provider basically ... and my provider calls it prompt care.

    Until my office closed, I made a point of avoiding prompt care. It's not that their services were awful? I just felt I got better care from my primary physician. Anyhow, now that I have a new employer and my leave is isn't as plentiful, I go to prompt care. It doesn't require any time off ... and life is a series of compromises.

    Tonight's kind of rough ... I feel like I'm sliding backwards. But ... tomorrow's a new day. I'll get a good night's sleep and hopefully I'll feel like a new ThirtyWhat. Fingers crossed!