Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outbreak ... Day Two ...

So I woke up this morning to hear the first alarm of the morning chime ... and immediately realized  that I hadn't swallowed in over six hours.  My throat felt like it had been lined with #30 sandpaper.  I got up, used the bathroom, and tried to carefully sip a glass of water.  This worked about as well as attempting to drink sulfuric acid.  I gave up and walked back to the bedroom with tears rolling down my cheeks and the front of my t-shirt covered in the water which dribbled out of my dry, dry mouth.

I tried using the lidocaine solution they prescribed ... and I could successfully drink a glass of water.  I decided work was out of the question, so I dozed for awhile until I could get in touch with my boss and call in.  He didn't seem overly pleased ... but since I was contagious and it still felt as though I'd gargled with ground glass I didn't see an alternative.

By ten o'clock I was genuinely hungry.  So I had the brilliant idea to bake a Tombstone pizza.  Don't judge me ... classic sausage is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  I hadn't had anything to eat in 24 hours ... so you can't blame me for fantasizing about melty cheese.

As a fantasy?  It was heaven.  In reality?  I had to swallow the lidocaine solution just to be able to eat ... and, with my mouth and tongue and throat completely numb, I was basically eating jagged pieces of hard, tasteless cardboard. 

I slept off and on all day.  And I think I feel better?   It no longer feels like knives in my throat ... it's painful ... but better.   I want bacon ... so that has to mean I'm better!   Tomorrow night I have a dinner party to go to ... so fingers crossed.  I've missed our friends and I can't wait to spend an evening with them.  Time to drink more orange juice ...

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