Thursday, October 02, 2014

Like a Room Without a Roof ...

I try not to get all gooey here about my relationship.  I don't want Stoney to feel weird about it ... like I'm just over here gushing about him.  He knows I love him ... and I try to look at it like that's enough?  But tonight, I want to gush ... just a little.

So, for the longest time, Stoney and I have been talking about me moving in with him.  For most of this year, I think?  We talked about whether I'd be moved in by the end of the summer ... or by the start of football season ... or by the time cold weather hit.  We even had our "test week" earlier this year ... and it went really well.

It isn't that I'm dragging my feet.  I'm just so overwhelmed with the mess of the house ... everything my ex left piled in the basement ... the spare bedroom that needs to be cleaned and everything that needs to be pitched.  I would work on it for awhile and then basically I'd mentally shut down.  It was too much to think about ... so ... I wouldn't.

But this last week, I've been boxing and packing and cleaning.   I measured the piano and china hutch so we could figure out where to put things at his house.  This weekend we're planning on me taking boxes over and basically getting the process started.

He talked to his parents tonight and they were both so positive.  His mom said something like, "It's about time!"  And this is all on me.  The first time she asked about me moving in with him ages ago, I put it all on him.  I told her he needed time to get used to the idea ... and when he was ready, I'd be good with it.  Well ... now ... it's on me.  I need to finish cleaning things out, work with the girls to get them their things, fix the couple things that I'm going to fix, and call a realtor.

I'm happy.  I have a lot to do ... but I'm so lucky ... and I'm so happy.

Okay ... time to pack some more ...

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